The beating heart of the city

Dating back to 1792, The Counting House has been at the heart of Cork’s medieval quarter for generations. Carefully conserved yet creatively reimagined, this iconic new development is a unique concept where working, cultural and retail space are perfectly aligned.

Why Cork

  • Our Vision

    Preserving History. Making History.

    We believe that regeneration means celebrating the ingenuity of the past and combining it with fresh thinking and dynamic new techniques. The Counting House does just that. This iconic regeneration project has sustainability at its core, proudly celebrating Cork’s rich history and providing an innovative, reimagined space for future generations to flourish. Read More »

    This complex project was made possible by the collaboration of a range of industry experts. From engineering and construction to tourism and hospitality, these strategic partnerships have created a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that The Counting House fits seamlessly into its surrounding environment.
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    The Counting House has a host of built-in amenities, offering sleek and spacious office spaces for rent. As a LEED certified building, sustainability has been one of the core principles at the heart of this project.
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    The Counting House has a footprint of almost 90,000 square feet, with ancillary basement car parking, bicycle and shower facilities.
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    The Counting House is a carefully crafted regeneration project which seamlessly unifies the old with the new.
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